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Divorce is never something anyone plans. In fact, divorce is often compared to death in the amount of pain and trauma that we feel as we walk through this difficult life event. On top of the pain of losing a partner, now you are faced with lengthy and expensive legal obligations and if you have children or communal property then you will require even more proceedings. It’s no wonder that divorce and depression often go hand in hand.

You have a long journey ahead and unless you have the right help it will be a long and difficult battle. Law Offices of Elainie Honjas is a divorce attorney of a different caliber. Not only will we act as you child custody lawyer, but we will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome from your divorce proceedings. Backed by years of successful cases, our divorce attorney at law can help you to land on your feet so that you can successfully start your new life.

Whether you need a child support lawyer or someone who is experienced with domestic violence cases, our firm has seen all different kinds of family law cases and we would be happy to help you with yours.

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