Child Support Lawyer

Raising a child is extraordinarily expensive. Depending on their age, they may need diapers or new shoes, haircuts, school supplies, and the list just keeps going. Recent studies have found that single parents are one of the most impoverished groups in the US and much of that relates directly to absent financial support. While much of this can be contributed to the way the government handles aid, over 25% of custodial parents received none of the money due and of those that did receive money, a whopping 28% were not paid in full.

Given these large discrepancies in money owed, you can’t afford to not hire a child support support lawyer. With years of experience as a child support attorney, Law Offices of Elainie Honjas can provide you with exceptional legal advice and counsel and help you get the money that you and your child deserve. Our law firm believes in delivering excellent service as providing our clients with a firm foundation for their next stage of life.

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