Domestic Violence

If you have come here because you are seeking help to get free from a situation with domestic violence, know that you are very brave and that Law Offices of Elainie Honjas is here to help.

The first step is to make sure that you are safe. If you are still at risk of your spouse becoming privy to your internet history, please be sure that you have a strategy to practice safe internet surfing so that you can quickly exit this page and any others that you may need.

Our law firm has helped many men, women, and children to leave behind abusive partners and escape domestic violence. When you work with Law Offices of Elainie Honjas you will receive a dedicated divorce attorney who can act as everything from your intermediary to your custody and child support lawyer. We can help you set up restraining orders, form a legally binding parenting plan, and accrue enough capital to start your life over again.

Most importantly, if you need emergency help or feel like you or anyone else in the home is in immediate danger, please don’t hesitate to call 911 immediately.

For more information about our legal services, please call Law Offices of Elainie Honjas in San Jose, CA at (408) 292-4849. If you need additional help, please see below for resources in the San Jose, CA area that can help domestic violence survivors.

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Learn more about domestic violence and what it looks like by clicking here.