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    Elainie Honjas is the perfect lawyer to see when you need a good divorce lawyer. While she is very knowledgeable, professional and skilled divorce attorney, it really is her caring about her clients that really stands out me. She takes the time to find out the whole, true story of what is happening, and offers you the solutions that will help you through the process. She even helps you prepare for the aftermath it.

    I highly recommend her.

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    I love this lawyers office.

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    I met Elainie through a referral, at a stage where I am almost giving up trusting the attorneys or the Santa Clara family court system. My situation is 2 years of marriage but 5 years of court case at Santa Clara family court. I had 3 lawyers before who never attempted to close the case instead made it more complicated. As they know the loop holes with the family court, also they worked with my opposing counsel to complicate my case further. But after I met Elainie first and foremost I want to be thankful is that my trust in being honest came back, Elainie is such an honest lawyer, so ethical, knows the system well. I had to just prove to her with all the facts and once she reviewed she was on top of the case. To find such good attorneys in Santa Clara is like a needle in a haystack. I have not yet closed my case but this is my feedback from 3 months of interaction with Elainie, she is very reasonable in billing. I cannot stop praising her. I respect her truly and admire her for her honesty. What the three attorney could not do in 4 years she made it in 3 months.

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    Both Elainie and Lucas are amazing. They are very thorough, professional and truly have your best interest at heart. I trusted the advice Elainie gave me as she is very genuine in her communication with clients, which is a truly refreshing quality to see in a lawyer. Thank you both for doing such a great job, I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

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    I called Elainie Honjas office to see if she can help with my situation. Her secretary was very nice and pleasant and took her time to hear me out. I told her that I don't want to take time out of my working schedule to come if the lawyer can't work on my problems. She was very understanding and professional and said that she'll try to have Elainie call me back even though she is in court today. Elainie's secretary said that she'll call me either same day before 4 or the following day. Within two hours I got a call from Elainie herself. I explained my situation and she said that she doesn't specialized in that field and recommended someone else. Throughout our conversation, she was very professional and gave me some advice over the phone. What a pleasant lady and wonderful secretary. Definitely recommend them just based on their professionalism regards if you pay them or not.

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    Collaborative, caring, experienced attorney

    Two thumbs up for Elainie. She's experienced and easy to work with, and I've used her services for over a decade now on a variety of issues.

    Her strengths are:

    1. Works in a collaborative way with opposing counsel, so you don't have to appear in court unnecessarily. Saves money and reduces stress.

    2. Is able to push forcefully when the need arises.

    3. Flexible in adapting to the style you need, i.e. she's happy to run the case, or to let you get involved, if you want to be very active in your own case.

    4. She's volunteers as a judge pro tem, so she's knowledgeable about the process and well known amongst the judges.

    Her weakness is (if you think it's a weakness):

    She will not push hard to get what you want if you are being unreasonable, as she wants her cases to have solid justification.

    Overall, a very good attorney, and especially good if you want to have a more harmonious resolution to your case.